I’m walking those stairs.

I'm walking those stairs.I live on the top floor of an apartment house with an elevator. And let’s face it, pushing that button that opens the doors to the elevator with a swooshing sound is just much easier than walking up four flights of stairs. But in order to change my appearance and living a healthier life I’m going to take those stairs. Starting today.

Incorporating walking stairs in my daily life is like doing some mini exercises in between. Just like opting for a healthier snack than a chocolate bar.  It’s not hard. To the contrary it tones the muscles of the butt, thighs and calves all at the same time. And you can do it, too!

Now, there are no stairs in your apartment building or you live on the first floor? What about the stairs in your office or the mall? Just take the stairs that cross your path in your daily life.

Also you could start a stair climbing routine incorporating it into your workout. Just remind to warm up first going slowly for several minutes and increasing speed as you go. I will start with going all four flights of stairs in my building at slow speed before exercising (Pilates mainly). When I feel I get stronger I’ll increase speed and the number of times I climb those stairs.

Summarizing the benefits:
+ Climbing stairs tones butt, calf and thigh muscles.
+ It strengthens your cardiovascular system as it gets your heart rate up.
+ It does not cost any money.
+ It can be done throughout the day whenever stairs cross your path.

Just remember to start slowly only increasing speed when you are starting to feel stronger.


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