I do what I can. Pilates with blogilates.

ImageIt has been two weeks since I came across blogilates with Cassey Ho. I wanted to add some physical exercise to my life to make me tone up my muscles and ultimately feel stronger. In search of inspiration I typed “Pilates exercises for beginners” into Google. Why Pilates? Because I heard of it related to shaping up and was curious to try it. It gave me Cassey and her Pop Pilates videos on youtube. Cassey is really a lovely and bouncy person who just makes you want to exercise with her and keeps you focused to get what you want. A strong body and a happy you that is. I have linked here to her beginner’s video, which I have already done several times until now to get a hang of all new to me Pilates.

Her videos are great for strengthening the lower and upper body as well as the core. I love it! I have done it about five times a week for two and a half weeks now. And I still want more. And that’s news with me. Usually I can get all excited about something new only to let it go a week (or even less) later.

Sooo… I do what I can to keep up with my personal trainer Cassey (only kidding… but it really feels like it doing the exercises while watching her videos), who is urging me to keep a position only a little while longer or suck the belly button in.

I already feel my muscles growing and am happy when I look in the mirror and see my butt has lifted a tiny bit or my tummy is already more flat. For melting the fat I do Cassey’s cardio exercises like the Fat Melting Routine or HIITilates (High Intense Interval Training).

Well, if you are looking for a great way to shape up without hitting the gym I recommend you to check out blogilates. It certainly works for me.


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