Zumba is Fun, Cardio and Dance combined. I like it.

Today I went to my local gym Fitness First and had a free trial training (actually I can come back anytime the whole next week). My friend invited me to join her in her fun Zumba class. And though I never did Zumba before I really liked it and was able to keep up with all the other fitness junkies. Zumba is a combination of aerobics and dance elements and most important fun. The instructor was a tiny but lively Cuban woman urging us to smile and roll our hips.  And also class was free for all genders mostly women participated in today’s class. I saw two men and they really did well. 

We did short choreographies including elements from Reaggaeton, Cumbia, Salsa, Mambo and Hip-Hop matching the songs that were played. In between songs we had little breaks of less than one minute to catch breath or grab the water bottle.

One hour of Zumba is really exertive and supports the loss of body fat. It is supposed to burn at least 400 calories. So it is really great for getting fit and losing weight.

A perfect cardio training. Although I am not sure whether to join the gym or not as it is really expensive. Really.


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