Goals for April.

ImageMarch is gone. For me it was all about a makeover of myself. I changed the way I eat by adopting to clean eating. And I started to exercise regularly which I didn’t do at all before. My exercises include to take all the stairs that cross my path in daily life and to do Pop Pilates powered by Cassey Ho at blogilates. I improved myself and already was able to see some results.

In April I want to set more detailed goals than just saying I wanted to live a healthier life. Don’t get me wrong, this has been successful. But now that the stone is rolling I feel like I could use more of a plan. I thought about what I want to achieve this month and feel like I should go with five explicit goals for April.

1. I want to keep the good habits I picked up in March. That means I will keep clean eating, exercising regularly and walking all stairs I come across.

2. I want to follow Cassey’s April Calendar closely. Cassey dares the Popsters to do all of her workouts available on you-tube. I say closely follow as not every single video is available in my country because of the Gema, which is Germany’s state-authorized performing rights organization. I can’t watch every video because of some music that is played in the videos.

3. I want to lose at least 3 more kilograms this month. There is a wedding at the 31st of May me and my BF are going to attend. I want to look gorgeous, as healthy and as lean as possible.

4. I want to keep blogging. I’m going to write about exercising, healthy recipes and other tidbits I think worth sharing. I also want to work on the blog, making navigation easier and giving it a still more personal touch.

5. I want to get involved in the fitness community out there. I want to read your blogs and comment on them. I want to get to know you and why you are all into healthy living and fitness.

So my question for you is: Have you committed to some specific goals in April? And what are you doing to actually achieve them?


4 thoughts on “Goals for April.

  1. Ohhhhh I am just starting the april blogilates calender although I am already behind on videos ahh! How are you finsing it so far? There’s a park near my house and I want to be able to run around it without stopping at the end of this month with my boyfriend so hopefully if I keep at the calender I can do that 🙂
    My blog is actually filled with cakes so not the best for healthy eating :p but I do have randon vegetarian healthy meals and sometimes blog about fitness! I am doing the tough mudder in summer so I’ll maybe blog about that soon!

    • Hi Ellen, thank you for the very first comment on my blog. So far I’m doing great. I like to do the workout in the evening and really anticipate that one hour with Cassey. I know it may sound strange but it feels like she has become a friend of mine. I like how Cassey mixes the workouts up. There is always something for strength and something to get that heart rate going.

      Did you follow the March calendar, where she had running 1 mile scheduled every few days. Maybe you should stick to this too. Then no doubt you’ll be able to run around the park (I suppose it’s not more than 5 miles, right?)

      So thanks for posting again. I make sure to check out your blog next.

      • I really like when I get to workout too! I just work 8-8 so finding the time to fit it in is annoying, but I guess a lot of people are probably struggling for time!
        I think that too, specially since she is so chatty and blabs away and its more like fun 🙂 I did the feb one but last month I kind of gave up because I missed so many days so gonna stick with it and told the bf that I have to do it! Haha there are a couple of run 1 mile so that it quite nice 🙂

  2. Well, I didn’t do the 1 mile runs last month because the weather here was way too shabby. I didn’t want to risk falling because of all the snow, especially since I am new to running. But sticking to April’s calendar means I will try it this month.
    I also think that it is sometimes hard to make the time. For example today we are having dinner with friends and I’ll babysit their child afterwards. And immediately I am thinking about ditching today’s workout.

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