Bodypop! HIIT really does it for me.

I’m impressed. I follow Cassey‘s April Calendar and stumbled across her Bodypop! HIIT Bodyweight workout (it’s no. 38). The first time I did it four times as Cassey recommends. And I was so done afterwards. But in a good way. She promises that one would see results, when doing this extensive cardio training as often as one is able to do. Well and I did. Before I was kind of stuck at a certain weight. And suddenly I recognized a drop agian. YEAH! Now I try to incorporate it in my exercise at least three times a week. And you know what? It still does the same as the first time around. That’s CRAZY!

The most important thing I learned from this is that one can not lose weight without cardiovascular training.  So the following is important for everybody who seeks the same like me, a lean and healthy self.

If you are a little chubby and you do strength training only you’ll not see the result. You’ll probably feel the result as you are getting stronger. If that is all you want? Fine. But still if you are a little overweight like me your beautiful muscles will stay hidden under the fat. So what can you do? Do something that gets your heart pumping. If you like jogging or cycling do it. Or you could try (like me) some HIIT. That means High Intense Interval Training. Cassey’s video I linked to above is one example of how HIIT can look like. Mainly it is one move that gets your heart rate up for 50 seconds, 10 seconds break, then another move that gets your heart pumping for 50 seconds, 10 seconds break … You get the hang of it. So in the video you see a  set of 10 such moves. If you are finished with them the important thing is to do it again right away, so your heart gets training over 40 minutes. What I like most about Cassey’s videos is Cassey herself. She never fails to motivate me. And other than that the best thing for me is that I can do the exercise at home. I like the outdoors but jogging is not for me. Well not yet. Maybe if the weather gets better and/or I get even fitter.

Anyways if you wonder that the pounds won’t come down although you eat clean and do your strength training, the reason possibly is that you are missing your cardio. So I recommend you to incorporate cardio into your exercises. You’ll see the results. Like me.

Stay tuned for another weigh-in where I will share some before and after shots and see if I reached my goals for April.


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