Is this scoop of ice cream gonna make a difference?

Summer is finally here. With it comes the time I am usually grabbing some delicious Italian ice cream while being out with friends. Only this year I don’t know how to balance my goals with eating ice cream and having fun with my friends. I am determined to keep eating clean. And that means no white sugar which ice cream surely has. So what am I supposed to do. Give in because eating 80% clean is still eating clean and thus deprive me of my goals. Because surely it must then take longer or more exercising to get what I want.

Actually I don’t think that it is really about eating the ice cream or not. It is more about what my best friend said to me recently. It was something like this: “With your new diet you won’t be as much fun as all the other summers, seeing you won’t eat ice cream anymore.” And you know, that somehow hurt. Obviously reaching for my goals made me suddenly not fun. And it hurts because of inconsiderate opinions like this I question what I do, although I was determined that what I do is right for my body, not so long ago. Other than that I see a lack of willingness to help me reach my goals by just being supportive of what I do. And that makes me kind of sad.

I am positive that you know that this is not only about ice cream but all the other delicious sins I want to bypass, be it cake or chocolate or whatever. It’s hard for me that my friends think I will deny me any pleasures. Because in the end working out, being fit, healthy and in the future lean is a pleasure for me.

I am glad that at least my BF gets what this all means to me. He is very supportive and I am thankful for that.

How do you deal with things like this? Do your friends bring cake when visiting or offer you chocolate when hanging out?


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