Health Bites #1


Health Bites is a new meme I’m gonna do about sharing tips for a healthy life.

Sticking to your healthy resolutions can be hard. Especially if you go about them the wrong way. So for an example you want to lead a healthier life in general and therefore you want to shed some pounds or drink more water or take the stairs or whatever…

The most important way you need to think about achieving your goals is NOT to think about it as until this and that date I need to be fit or lean. Try to achieve your goals setting tiny goals that help you to achieve your overall goal instead. For example you noticed you should drink more water in order to make your skin glow, go about it with one glass of water upon waking every day for as long as you need to make it a habit. Once it becomes a daily routine set a new small goal like walking the stairs in your apartment building instead of taking the elevator. Do that as long as it becomes a habit and you don’t need to remind you about doing it.

You’ll see, in order to stick to your resolutions about leading a healthier life, learn how to incorporate small healthy changes in your daily life and you’ll get to your goals. It might take longer but at least you stick to it. I know that you can do it.

Look out for more health bites next Monday. I’ll try and share healthy tips from a beginner’s point of view on a regular basis with you.

What do you do to stay focused on a goal or not drop your resolutions right after you made them? Share away!


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