Health Bites #2: How to stay on track with your diet?

Making a resolution to change the way you eat is easy. What is not is staying on track. Recently I decided to change my eating lifestyle and eat clean. This is because I want to be healthier, lose weight and become fit. So I had a resolution and enough reasons. It’s all I needed to start, jump right in, change the way I ate. I got excited about it. It was easy.

Health Bites 2

So now, what is  not easy is to stay on track. Motivation, I soon learned, has to come from within. And there are times I struggle more than others. These are situations when eating with friends and family who eat like always and eating out. Those are the most tempting times to go right back where I was.

So what do I do? In times I struggle I go back and remind myself of my goals and the reasons why I want to eat clean. In fact I have them written down, on my blog, in my calendar, on sticky notes on my fridge etc. I am constantly reminded why I started eating clean in the first place.

If you lost focus, remind yourself about why you started your diet in the first place. What did you want to achieve with it? Also ask yourself why it is so hard for you to stay on track? For me, as I said above, it is eating out or eating with friends and family, who don’t eat the way I do. Knowing this helps me, too.

The most important thing is to visualize your goals. If need be, every single day. Also recommit to your goals every single day. You can do this by writing them down on a sticky note, make a collage, post them to the mirror, let your phone remind you about them.

Also I f you can’t do it 100%, then do it 80%, it’s still better than nothing. Don’t beat yourself up for giving in on a craving. Come back afterwards, stronger more determined than before. Every single meal is an opportunity for you to make the right decision.  You had a doughnut for breakfast? Don’t let that be an excuse to make more bad decisions. That means don’t go for a burger for lunch and a pizza for dinner. Opt to go back to your vegetables, lean protein and complex carbohydrates instead.

Changing your eating lifestyle is a big commitment and necessarily forms a big part of your life then. Realizing this makes a big difference, too.


If you want to indulge yourself, do it the healthy way. More on that in Health Bites #3. Stay tuned!


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