Why do I or don’t I blog?

I have issues with blogging consistently. I started this blog because I thought it would be fun to share my journey from fat to fit with people who are interested in the same thing. And I started it because I wanted it for myself, to keep track of what happened when and why. This journey is not yet over and still… I am an inconsistent blogger.

The main reason for this is that writing posts does not always come easily. Sometimes the words just flow. But there are also the other days when  you know you should post something and either you have no idea about  what or you have trouble to find the right words. Also we all have busy schedules and next to inspiration finding the time is often an issue.

Thank god, it’s only blogging I fail to have time and inspiration for, because I still like to do fitness and try healthy recipes and read other peoples’ blogs, too.

But I want to get things going on here again. Because yesterday I took the time to read some of the old posts I did back in March and it’s interesting for me to recap how far I have come. That is why I want to post stuff I do and share it with you guys again.

There are already two months of updates missing on here. That is why I will include one right away.

On the 8th of July I posted that I had overcome a long-lasting weight-loss plateau. I weighed in at 75 kg that last time. Last week I weighed myself in at 72.8 kg (or 160.5 lbs), which means a loss of 2.2 kg in the last two month. I am happy about that and about the fact that I soon will hit the 150ish lbs region.


What did I do to reach this? I may have told you already but I took up a new job in June. I am very happy with this job as a sales person because it’s a very active job. I don’t sit all day long as I did in previous jobs or in university, which also upped my activity level from sedentary or lightly active to very active. In conclusion I also burn more calories because my Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) increased. And although I haven’t been good eating-wise the last two months I still shed pounds. The reason for my bad eating habits are practically a time thing, because I have to take food to work and sometimes I don’t have time to prepare something healthy. Besides a lot of people I know are happy enough to celebrate their birthdays in summer, like BFF, father, brother, mother and other friends. There was practically no weekend without a party and a cake.

I have gone to taking my measurements once a week and working out at least three times a week. My newest obsession is Fitness Blender’s 8 week fat loss program. I like it because it is so versatile and their workouts include a warm-up, some sort of routine like HIIT, Barre, weights, kickboxing, etc and a cool-down and sometimes even yoga or Pilates. Their workouts mostly take about 45 to 60 minutes and keep my body guessing (great for not hitting that plateau again).

To sum things up and bring this very long post to an end: I am still on track and I miss blogging and that is why I want to share more with you again.