BOT (Back on Track) Day 8


New gym member!

Last weekend was kind of busy. I had to work late shift on Saturday (Day 6) and came home to a delicious home made pasta with tomato sauce. I am proud though that I had only a small bowl and let the rest for the cook and the friends we had over for a game night. Sunday was also busy due to Mother’s Day. Of course we had coffee and cake that day. Wanting to eat clean or at least healthy is always hard, especially when it comes to social gatherings like a game night or a day spent with family and cake. Saying no, one can feel excluded and others may feel rebuffed, e.g. my BF cooking delicous dinner and me telling him that this is not what I want to be eating right now. So I do savour a home cooked meal or a self baked cake. But I try and have only one bowl or only one piece.

Yesterday, day 8, I got myself a big treat I have been pondering about for some time now. It’s a gym membership at a gym near my home and my workplace. It’s a real splurge as it is one of the finest clubs in my home town and pretty expensive, although I get discounts due to contracts between the club and the company I work for. I was debating with myself if I really needed a membership or not for some time now, seeing that I had some grand results without it, using free fitness videos on youtube.

Pros on the list for a membership are: the equipment I can use there (be it weights, weight machines, cardio equipment, a sauna and a pool), the courses they offer, the fit atmosphere and like-minded people (I already know a handful of people who train there) and I hope for some inspiration to jump start the weight-loss again (for that I have booked three sessions with a personal trainer, I’ll let you know how that works out).

Cons include the price for a membership and me being convinced that a membership is not really necessary to see and get results (so why spend a lot of money?). I also feel a little self-concious when training there (like missing a routine and being friendly with the surroundings, but I hope this wears off). All in all I hope to get something out of it. I will be discussing my goals with my personal trainer and let you know what they are in detail. Tomorrow will be a first evaluation of my fitness. I am already really looking forward to hearing how fit a PT thinks I am after one year of working out all by myself.

So here is what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: espresso and skim milk, oats, amaranth, blueberries and strawberries, non-fat joghurt, flaxseed

Lunch: white rice (not my best choice but so delicious!), chicken ragout with green beans, asparagus and zucchini

Afternoon snack: one rice waffle with one teaspoon peanut butter

Post Workout snack: one banana

Dinner: one slice whole wheat bread with light cheese slice, salad made of tomatoes, cucumber, corn and feta, one hard boiled egg

My workout was rather short due to the registration process in the gym. I spent 25 minutes intervall training on the elliptical. I still feel it in my legs and my belly today.


More to come on Wednesday or Thursday. I’m going to post about my fitness evaluation then.



BOT (Back on Track) Day 3

Me after my workout and the lunch I had today.


Day 3 of my attempt to get back on track has been pretty successful. I worked a morning shift and was allowed to go home earlier as business was low. Thus I had enough energy left to squeeze in a little upper body and abs workout by Fitnessblender. I did this and a little warm up as this was not included in the routine.

Day 3 eats:

Breakfast: espresso and skim milk, and my everday bowl of muesli consiting of rolled oats, flaxseed, amaranth, puffed spelt, blueberries and strawberries as well as joghurt (I will take a photo for tomorrows post)

no Midmorning munch this time

Lunch: beluga lentils in a joghurt dip, rapunzel lettuce and canned tuna

Afternoon snack: hummus and a red bell pepper

Dinner: salad made of tomatoes, cucumber, corn and feta cheese, a slice of bread and a hard-boiled egg

As far as indulgences go, I couldn’t resist a treat today either. Rhubarb is in season and it is only for ab two and a half months every year. I just had to buy some and make it into a delicious dessert.

BOT (Back on Track) Day 2

Yesterday I posted about getting back on track with my eating and exercising habits. I hope to be more successful if I come back here as often as I can to post about the foods I ate and the workouts I did. This is a recap of my second day, which was yesterday.

Day 2 BOT

Breakfast: espresso with skim milk, oats, flaxseed, joghurt, blueberries, strawberries

Mid-morning Munch: rice waffle and peanut cream (no butter), one apple

Lunch: red lentils, broccoli and green beans, scampis

Afternoon Snack: a grapefruit and a handful almonds

Dinner: one hard boiled egg, 1 slice of whole wheat bread with one slice low fat cheese, salad made of cucumber, tomatoes, corn and a little feta

I also tried to drink more yesterday, which made me visit the loo a lot, also during work hours. I binged on a handful of cookies a dear co-worker brought to work. And that is a thing I don’t know yet how to deal with. I can keep my home clean of sweet treats but I cannot keep my workplace or our kitchen there clean of it. And sometimes it is really hard to say no. Especially as I felt very tired yesterday and my brain tried to tell me that a little bit of refined sugar would really help.

Starting tomorrow I’m going to inlcude pictures of the things I ate as well as recipes if I feel like sharing them.

Back on Track? Eating clean Round 2.

It’s hard to stay on track lately. With everything. My eating clean habits have been non-existent the past months. And my exercise lacked because of a constant cold that plagues me since Easter. Up and coming are two weeks off work starting next week. And I have plans for this time. Apart from a trip to Munich I want to get my eating and my exercise in order.

I want to commit to eating clean again starting today. Or actually yesterday. And I want to work out regularly starting as soon as I can breathe through my nose again.  Journaling is told to have a great positive effect on making changes and having positive results. I think this blog could be the right spot to keep a journal, make plans and setting goals, again. I have neglected it a lot, but since I will have some free time on my hands starting next week, I’ll try and come back here as often as I can.

So here is a breakdown of what I ate yesterday. I am especially proud I did not grab sweet or salty snacks.

Day 1 eating clean again (Monday 05-05-14)

Breakfast: Espresso with skim milk, 3 tbsp oats, 1 tbsp flaxseed, 3 tbsp amaranth, 3 tbsp non-fat joghurt, 4 strawberries, some blueberries

Mid-morning munch: half an apple, a handful almonds, one rice waffle with peanut spread

Lunch: red lentils, scampi and vegetables (broccoli and green beans)

Afternoon snack: one grapefruit

Dinner: salad (cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper and canned tuna), 2 slices whole wheat bread, low-fat cheese slice, one hard boiled egg and mustard


I started my weight-journey roughly one year ago and I have come very far since then as I started out with 83 kg (183 lbs). I have lost more than 30 pounds since then. Still, I hope to drop some weight with all this again. I am now at 69 kg (152 pounds) and I’d like to drop another 5 kg or roughly 10 pounds.