BOT (Back on Track) Day 3

Me after my workout and the lunch I had today.


Day 3 of my attempt to get back on track has been pretty successful. I worked a morning shift and was allowed to go home earlier as business was low. Thus I had enough energy left to squeeze in a little upper body and abs workout by Fitnessblender. I did this and a little warm up as this was not included in the routine.

Day 3 eats:

Breakfast: espresso and skim milk, and my everday bowl of muesli consiting of rolled oats, flaxseed, amaranth, puffed spelt, blueberries and strawberries as well as joghurt (I will take a photo for tomorrows post)

no Midmorning munch this time

Lunch: beluga lentils in a joghurt dip, rapunzel lettuce and canned tuna

Afternoon snack: hummus and a red bell pepper

Dinner: salad made of tomatoes, cucumber, corn and feta cheese, a slice of bread and a hard-boiled egg

As far as indulgences go, I couldn’t resist a treat today either. Rhubarb is in season and it is only for ab two and a half months every year. I just had to buy some and make it into a delicious dessert.


2 thoughts on “BOT (Back on Track) Day 3

  1. Great job!! You eat soo healthy– I’m getting into healthy eating but I can’t do nearly that well yet. xD
    The only unhealthy thing I see is the milk and coffee. Seriously awesome job for getting in your work out 🙂 Keep going!
    Share that rhubarb treat if you’re worried of eating too much of it as well 😉 (can i have some? haha)

    • I will share it then. Thanks for commenting. I know that the coffee is one of my bad habits. But I cannot (don’t want to) let go of this delicious treat, my coffe fix.

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