BOT (Back on Track) Day 8


New gym member!

Last weekend was kind of busy. I had to work late shift on Saturday (Day 6) and came home to a delicious home made pasta with tomato sauce. I am proud though that I had only a small bowl and let the rest for the cook and the friends we had over for a game night. Sunday was also busy due to Mother’s Day. Of course we had coffee and cake that day. Wanting to eat clean or at least healthy is always hard, especially when it comes to social gatherings like a game night or a day spent with family and cake. Saying no, one can feel excluded and others may feel rebuffed, e.g. my BF cooking delicous dinner and me telling him that this is not what I want to be eating right now. So I do savour a home cooked meal or a self baked cake. But I try and have only one bowl or only one piece.

Yesterday, day 8, I got myself a big treat I have been pondering about for some time now. It’s a gym membership at a gym near my home and my workplace. It’s a real splurge as it is one of the finest clubs in my home town and pretty expensive, although I get discounts due to contracts between the club and the company I work for. I was debating with myself if I really needed a membership or not for some time now, seeing that I had some grand results without it, using free fitness videos on youtube.

Pros on the list for a membership are: the equipment I can use there (be it weights, weight machines, cardio equipment, a sauna and a pool), the courses they offer, the fit atmosphere and like-minded people (I already know a handful of people who train there) and I hope for some inspiration to jump start the weight-loss again (for that I have booked three sessions with a personal trainer, I’ll let you know how that works out).

Cons include the price for a membership and me being convinced that a membership is not really necessary to see and get results (so why spend a lot of money?). I also feel a little self-concious when training there (like missing a routine and being friendly with the surroundings, but I hope this wears off). All in all I hope to get something out of it. I will be discussing my goals with my personal trainer and let you know what they are in detail. Tomorrow will be a first evaluation of my fitness. I am already really looking forward to hearing how fit a PT thinks I am after one year of working out all by myself.

So here is what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: espresso and skim milk, oats, amaranth, blueberries and strawberries, non-fat joghurt, flaxseed

Lunch: white rice (not my best choice but so delicious!), chicken ragout with green beans, asparagus and zucchini

Afternoon snack: one rice waffle with one teaspoon peanut butter

Post Workout snack: one banana

Dinner: one slice whole wheat bread with light cheese slice, salad made of tomatoes, cucumber, corn and feta, one hard boiled egg

My workout was rather short due to the registration process in the gym. I spent 25 minutes intervall training on the elliptical. I still feel it in my legs and my belly today.


More to come on Wednesday or Thursday. I’m going to post about my fitness evaluation then.



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