BOT (Back on Track) Day 2

Yesterday I posted about getting back on track with my eating and exercising habits. I hope to be more successful if I come back here as often as I can to post about the foods I ate and the workouts I did. This is a recap of my second day, which was yesterday.

Day 2 BOT

Breakfast: espresso with skim milk, oats, flaxseed, joghurt, blueberries, strawberries

Mid-morning Munch: rice waffle and peanut cream (no butter), one apple

Lunch: red lentils, broccoli and green beans, scampis

Afternoon Snack: a grapefruit and a handful almonds

Dinner: one hard boiled egg, 1 slice of whole wheat bread with one slice low fat cheese, salad made of cucumber, tomatoes, corn and a little feta

I also tried to drink more yesterday, which made me visit the loo a lot, also during work hours. I binged on a handful of cookies a dear co-worker brought to work. And that is a thing I don’t know yet how to deal with. I can keep my home clean of sweet treats but I cannot keep my workplace or our kitchen there clean of it. And sometimes it is really hard to say no. Especially as I felt very tired yesterday and my brain tried to tell me that a little bit of refined sugar would really help.

Starting tomorrow I’m going to inlcude pictures of the things I ate as well as recipes if I feel like sharing them.