DIY: Makeup Storage for your Everyday Makeup

Lately I have become quite unhappy with the way my makeup took all the space in my apartment’s tiny hall making it look messy and lacking system. I do my makeup in the hall because I have installed a bigger mirror there and the room has better lighting than my bathroom. So my makeup just spilled all over my shoe cabinet making the hall a very unwelcoming place which I didn’t want any longer. My apartment, including my hall, should be a homey and friendly place where I and any visiting friends or family should feel welcome and not overwhelmed by the mess in the entry room.

So I thought about a nice and decorative solution for my problem, which should be simple and inexpensive. And I came up with one!


Here is a list of inexpensive things you are going to be needing, supposing you want to have one of your own:

  • one wooden mini box system with drawers (from: IKEA)
  • one complete stamp set letters (from: your nearest art supply shop)
  • stamp ink in one or more colors (I bought a whole set but ended up using only the gold color)

The rest is easy as pie. I sorted my makeup collection using the six drawers. The biggest one at the bottom is for my everyday makeup routine. It contains my favorite products such as my MAC eyeshadows, my foundation, blushes and mascara. The other drawers I use for everything else that is left. For example I have one drawer for nail polishes and nail remover as well as one drawer for all my lipsticks and lipglosses. After I sorted everything out, I fitted the products into the drawers. Which only leaves for the fun part. The STAMPING! To make the boxes more practicable for me I wanted them to show from the outside what would be on the inside. That is why I searched for a quick and easy but also decorative way to label my drawers. So I just used the letter stamps with the golden stamp ink I got from an art supply shop near me to stamp labels on my drawers. They are now reading from top left to bottom right as: LIPS, CHEEKS, EYES, RANDOM, NAILS and FAVORITES.

Stamped drawers to help me stay organised.

Stamped drawers to help me stay organised.

But do not worry if you do not use say lipsticks then use your drawer for some other stuff in your makeup collection. Make it fit for you as I did for me.

For my brushes I got out an unused but beautiful cup from my kitchen cabinet. And this is what it looks like now. All tidy and sorted. Also the stamps and the ink might come in handy for some other artsy projects such as stamping gift wrappers or cards for family and friends.


The masterpiece in my hall on top of the shoe cabinet.

What does your makeup storage look like? Have you sorted it all out? If not maybe this idea is for you.